Amsterdam, de Wereld – CD KLR014

In 2006 To Be Sung toured with her project ‘Amsterdam, de Wereld’, for which they invited seven composers with a physical connection to the metropolis that is Amsterdam.
With their divers backgrounds (classical/ jazz/ improvisation and world music) they composed new pieces, that, just like the city herself, are infused with influences from cultures far-away and closer to home, bringing a wonderfully eclectic mix of musical styles.

This diverse program is recorded on CD (label: Karnatic Lab Records)

CD Amsterdam, de Wereld – KLR014
1.      Verbo10 (2004)  –  Tobias Klein
2.      Elif’e Mektuplar (2006)  –  Timuçin Sahin
3.      711 Steps (2006)  –  Albert van Veenendaal
4-6.   Indonesian Folksongs (2006)  –  Sinta Wullur
7-10. Haiku (2005)  –  Dick Visser
11.     Zagadka (2006)  –  Gijs Levelt
12.    Cocteau and the Equilibrist (2006)  –  Maarten Ornstein
note: all written for To be Sung

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